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BBC Bitesize Maths & Numeracy

A micro sitcom that helps kids learn about maths and numeracy.

The brains of young kids at primary school are super busy soaking up a wide range of topics. Mathematical concepts can come easy to some people, but for others not so much.

We believe the best way for kids to learn is when they don’t realise they’re learning at all. So how do you trick their little brain sponges into having fun while they get smarter?

For this project we set out to create a vignette of an abstract soap opera.
A self contained world, where these funny creatures can interact and learn things in the process.


Using light heartedness, humour and a casual learning approach, we produced a suite of animated videos to help students learn and recap maths and numeracy concepts. We designed and animated in 3d with bespoke abstract characters, and used 2d motion graphic sequences to get across more technical aspects. 

These types of projects are exciting to win, fun to develop, and require a lot of hard work to finish. World building and character development for a very specific purpose, helps to narrow down ideas, decisions and ensure the concept keeps moving forward.

We are really proud of the result and feel the series of videos are a fantastic addition to the existing learning material. We got to tell playful and helpful stories, try out some new rendering techniques, and score it all with laid back electronic music.

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